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 Accelerando (Axel)

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PostSubject: Accelerando (Axel)   Sun Jun 08, 2014 8:42 am

Name:Accelerando (Axel)(Axehead)

Age:Young adult

Looks: Grey earth pony with longer black mane. He is taller and stronger than most ponies. His cutie mark is drumsticks made of pure metal , which shows his talent for heavy metal druming. Usually wearing aviator glasses.

Personality: kind but tough pony who doesn't take it from any pony . Know famously for his heavy metal band " Eighth Gate of Tartarus " he is equestrias number one drummer.

Family: Son by the name of staccato. His four other band members. Two pegisi stallion guitar player. A unicorn bass player. And a bat pegisi singer

Other: can play any musical instrument put infront of him
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