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 Lightning Meteor (Night Aegis)

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PostSubject: Lightning Meteor (Night Aegis)   Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:35 pm

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Name: Lightning Meteor

Age: Young Adult

Looks: A young pegasus stallion with a dark blue (phthalo blue?) colored pelt, a cyan blue mane and tail with light palatinate blue streaks. He often wears a jet black outfit with many pockets when not in his Luna Guard corporal armor.

Cutie Mark: Is normally hidden by his preference to wear clothing (almost a necessity for the high altitudes he tends to prefer to fly at), it is a warm golden lightning star burst.

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Personality: To most he comes off as just a quite, shy, introverted pony; rarely speaking unless spoken too. This is just how he prefers things; to him if a pony wants to be friends with him, then they will speak up first. He 'fishes' for friends, remaining quite but approachable, seeing if somepony will wonder up and say hello. He is generally kind and is usually willing to lend a hoof without a second thought. He does however, have a strict idea of right and wrong and holds himself to a strict honor and moral code. This can lead to him being brutally honest about what he things about any given situation. Overall though he is a kindhearted pony who is both loyal and loving to friends and sometimes strangers alike.

Family: His parents currently reside in Los Pegasus, while his big sister has moved to Baltimare, and his brother has moved to Manehatten.

Other: He is currently apart of the Luna Guard and holds the rank of Corporal, originally a member of the Sun Guard when Princess Luna returned he volunteered to transfer to the Luna Guard to help rebuild its ranks. He is part of the Royal Guards High-Altitude Recon Squadron the "World's Edge Raiders". He is one of the few pegasi to learn how to manipulate and control the element of lightning.
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