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 Dismay Dream

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Dismay Dream

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PostSubject: Dismay Dream   Mon Mar 14, 2016 6:47 pm

Dismay Dream

Age: 26

Height: 4 feet

Looks: He is a Pegasi,  he has a jet black coat and has a green spiky mane that usually gets in the way of his sight, he also goes to the gym regularly to keep his bulky body mass.

Personality: He is very defensive about his looks but other then that, he is a very loving pony, if somepony or other creature offends, hurts or just is plain rude to some pony that he cares about, he won’t hesitate to use his height, muscles and wings to scare and/or threaten the pony/creature hurting his loved one/s.

Family: He has a sister who's name is Jingle Bella and she is a mercenary that is missing or she can be his daughter depending on the story (just pm me if you want her to be in the Roleplay)

How he got his cutie mark: he got his cutie mark from having fun in a nightmare, what I mean is he had a nightmare and some how turned it into a dream, hence the name Dismay Dream.

TL:DR Changeling killed his parents, he is also a wolf.

Background/Childhood: so when he was younger, he used to live in the Everfree Forest with his blood parents and Bella, his younger sister, she was a little cub when the disaster happened, the family were walking back home to their cave when they all heard screaming, they were stuck in the middle of a war between the royal guards and the changelings, everything happened so fast, mother quickly hid Bella and Dismay in a hollowed log as they stood guard, dad got dragged away by a couple of fucking bugs, Dismay heard a yelp and then the sound of mum crying and he knew dad was just killed, so mum attacked them only to get acid sprayed on her back leg and she grabbed Bella and Dismay and started running out of the forest and out into the plains where a fierce battle was raging on and mum started running towards the royal guard, acid eating through her leg losing a ton of blood and then the fatal moment when she tripped, Dismay held onto Bella as we flew a couple of meters, he heard mum screaming "GO DISMAY RUN GO" of course Dismay had tears running down his face as he ran as fast as he could and the one action he shouldn't have done but did anyway was look back and all he saw was mum lying there, Dead, he kept on running until he reached the royal guard lead by Princess Celestia, he ran straight to her and he past out from running, the next thing he did was woke up with Bella still in my arms in a real bed and the Princess sitting right there waiting for the little pup to wake up

If you want to have some fun, cum with me
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