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 Brasta Aura

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PostSubject: Brasta Aura   Mon Apr 07, 2014 2:00 pm

Name: Brasta Aura

Age: 25

Looks: He is a unicorn with dark blue coat, silver mane, green eyes and eighth-note cutie mark. He is usually found in a black cassock and black broad-brimmed hat as streetwear.

Personality: Introverted, hesitant and anxious, but with a confident side amongst ponies he trusts (or wants). He tends to shy away from crowded or noisy places, preferring a quieter atmosphere most of the time. He is highly empathetic, and has devoted his life to counselling, comforting and advising other ponies in matters of the heart and soul. However, he always wants to make everyone happy, and feels guilty when he can't. Also feels slight sense of shame due to the combination of his desires with his religious beliefs.

Family: His father, a Bitalian immigrant (Giacomo Aura) and his Equestrian mother (Starlight Aura) live in Chicagoat, in a comfortable suburban area. His father, being from Bitalia, is a Romane Catholic, while his mother is a devotee of Concordia, the Equestrian Goddess of Harmony (and rumoured in legend to be Luna and Celestia's mother).

Other: His cutie mark represents his singing talent, which is not his job. He is a priest of St. Katerina's Romane Catholic mission to Equestria in Chicagoat, and lives at the parish rectory.
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