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 A loner stallion

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PostSubject: A loner stallion   Thu Oct 08, 2015 7:34 am

So I'm back here now after having basically posted one RP thread and never really going back to it ever.

Also, it's been deleted, which I imagine is for that reason.

I'm back now, though, and I'm now wondering if someone will be interested in RPing with me again, except this time I've got a bit more thought going into it, hopefully, along with some rough idea (Either good or bad, really) about what's going to happen.

Bringing you guys up to speed, this is [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Some of the things below will make sense with that in context.

So anyways, those very rough ideas:
-The setting is potentially going to be a rather secluded part of the world, or potentially not, I"m not quite sure. Either way, it's probably going to just be out in the middle of nowhere with inexplicable government services still running through there, which is important because of the character's job description, so he'll send maps out to his hometown/government whenever he's mapped out a new part of the world. Or something akin to that.
-The idea for the RP, as per the conclusion I came to from the things I wrote down on a sheet of paper for him, is that a lot of the RP is going to be about two ponies musing about each other, at least potentially so, because of the character's job title basically making him wander off for an increasingly longer and longer amount of time for every time he leaves the place.
-There's no sex in the RP, apologies, for the two reasons that I'm unsure of the legality in my area and also because writing erotica is probably beyond me at this time.
-Looking at it, while more people can join in, the story I had set up in my head is very much one that's focused on two characters only. If you guys want to have the RP have more than two characters be the main focus, feel free to tell me and I will think of something. Maybe.

That's about all I have, really, hoping to see if anyone's interested on this one.
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