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 Broken Shell

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PostSubject: Broken Shell   Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:45 am

Name: Broken Shell. Goes by Broken.

Age: 19

Looks: Broken is a half pony half zebra hybrid typically called a zony. He has a brown mane which he keeps long people often think he is a mare. He has a dark gray coat that cover most of his light strips he has across his body.

Personality: Broken is quiet and doesn't say much unless he is talking to someone he knows well or likes talking to. He likes to listen to music and enjoys sitting in nature

History: He grew up in Saddle Arabia until he came to Equestria having nothing left there after his small village was attacked and his family killed. He traveled with a caravan learning how to fight from the guards that traveled with them so that he could take care of himself. He stayed in Manehatten taking odd jobs wherever he could find them until one day he was found by a city guard and taken to an orphanage where he spent his life until he was 16. He left there and moved in with a friend he had made there continuing to take odd jobs mostly construction so he could pay his half of the rent.

Family: Large Shell (Father/Zebra)
Small Rose (Mother/ Pony)

Other: He has no cutie mark.
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