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 King/ Prince Odin

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PostSubject: King/ Prince Odin   Wed Jun 24, 2015 5:55 pm

Name: Prince/King Odin 

Age: 18, but being an alicorn, he is immortal.

Looks: Odin is on the thinner side, but he's not scrawny. He has snow white fur usually wares his crown over his short orange hair. It depends on the wether he's wearing his Prince or King crown. His his eyes were pink, but right eye has a scar on his right eye he got while fighting a war with Zebraca, which also made him lose sight in his right eye.

Personality:He is humble, and depending on the time line he is either happy, free and loving when he's the Prince, or if he's the King he is bitter, stern, and lonely.

Family:Father is Enden, Mother is Aden. They die just after he gets his scar, and just before he becomes king.

Other: P.S. he's the Prince/King of the Crystal Empire. 

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