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 Gemstone (Revised)

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PostSubject: Gemstone (Revised)    Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:35 pm

Name: Gemstone
Age: New Adult
Sexuality: Flaming Gay!
Appearence: Gemstone has short, spikey purple hair (think Comet Tail), pink fur, a short tail of the same color, and a small build. He has lavender eyes, and is usually seen wearing lavender eyeshadow. On occassion, he might wear red lipstick.
Species: Unicorn
Cutie Mark: Twinkling diamond.
Family: A sucessful pegasus ex-Thunderbolt mother from Cloudsdale , a loving stay-at-home unicorn father from Ponyville, and a pegasus fraternal twin working as a weather-pony.
Personality: Gemstone is flaming, to say the least. He's loud, proud, and not afraid to tell the world who he is. He can come off as obnoxious and shallow, but he really is quite kind once you get to know him, and is loyal to his friends. Although he does like to wear mare's make-up, he does not call himself a mare nor does he like to be called a mare. He's an obvious city pony, born and raised in Canterlot. His dream is to one day be an actor, as he loves performing and singing. It's also worth noting that he's sexually submissive, and has a taste for stallions bigger, more muscular, and dominant than himself. He finds accents particularly charming.
Backstory: Gemstone was born and raised in Canterlot, after his father, Red Rose, decided to move there after deciding Ponyville held too many bad memories after his parents', Gemstone's grandparents', deaths. There, the kind soul that was the unicorn had met a young Wonderbolts trainee named Windrunner. She was headstrong and wild, and Red Rose was grounded a calm, but somehow, they still came together. They eventually married, and has twins, Cirrus, the younger by a few minutes, a pegasus looking like his mother, minus the eyes, and Gemstone, a unicorn with his father's appearance, except for the eyes.
Gemstone had a normal colthood, getting along with his brother and father, though he had a strained relationship with his mother due to her helping train Wonderbolts in Cloudsdale. Red Rose was always there, though, taking on the job as primary caretaker of the two colts. The two colts trusted the stallion more than anyone else in the world, do to his gentleness and ability to understand.
Gemstone first started noticing his attraction to other colts when he reachemd early adolescense, believing that something was wrong with him. He dismissed it as a phase in the beginning, but panicked when it never left him. For a long time, he ignored his feelings, pretending they didn't exist. But one day, when attending a house party, he experimented with another colt his age by kissing him in an empty room. The colt decided it felt to strange, though Gemstone did want to go further.
Gemstone told his brother about his feelings shortly after the incident, and Cirrus was completely supportive, telling him there was nothing wrong and that Red Rose would say the same. After a while, after much insistence on Cirrus's part, Gemstone decided that he would tell Red Rose about his sexuality. Thankfully, the stallion accepted him completely and loved him all the same, informing Gemstone that he had had some suspicions.
Gemstone came out to his mother, although she was less thrilled. She did not lash out, but was obviously dissapointed. At a time, she even tried to convince Gemstone to convert his sexuality, but stopped after much refusal. To this day she is slightly shaken, and Gemstone keeps a distant relationship with Windrunner.
Nowadays, Gemstone struts down the streets of Canterlot, hoping to one day find his special-some-pony. Or at least a night of good fun ;).

PostSubject: Re: Gemstone (Revised)    Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:39 pm

Sorry for some grammatical errors, guys. I'm kind of in a hurry...
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