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 Ivory Bastion

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PostSubject: Ivory Bastion   Tue Dec 09, 2014 11:22 pm

Name: Ivory Bastion

Age: Young Adult (Early to mid twenties, for reference.)

Looks: Ivory is a somewhat tall and slender unicorn stallion. He has a pale white coat, from which his mother derived his name. His mane and tail are a light brown hue not unlike that of hay. In terms of style, his mane and tail are long and slightly unkempt. He has sky blue eyes. His cutie mark is a simple red medical cross upon a steel kite shield rimmed in gold.

Personality: Ivory is bisexual, with a slightly more prevalent physical attraction for other males, due to familiarity. While seemingly very quiet and distant to those unfamiliar with him, his friends attest that he is a very kind, loyal stallion always willing to spare a moment for a friend in need, and a shoulder to cry on when necessary. He bears a great love for a wide range of animals, especially those of the canine varieties. While generally very reserved, he's not afraid to stand up when he believes someone is receiving unjust treatment. Perhaps also mildly narcissistic.

Family: Ivory has two mothers, Morning Star (biological) and Amethyst (stepmother), and an older sister, Stalwart Pavise. He is unfamiliar with his father, who left shortly after his birth, though he has managed to cope well, thanks to an overwhelmingly positive environment. He also lives with a dog, April, a female husky.

Other: He and his family are all Trottingham natives, and have the accents associated. He is employed as medical personnel within the Equestrian Guard. His cutie mark is demonstrative of his love of medicine and his noble, protective nature.

   Also quite fascinated with world history and culture.

Note: As mentioned above, Ivory is a Trottingham native. However, he is available for roleplay in any setting from Ponyville to Canterlot.
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